Jabez Humanitarian Foundation

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Happy and healthy lives

Reaching people who have no medical and dental care is a huge part of what we do.  Our dream is to have both a truck and a boat outfitted for mobile medical care.  Because it is difficult and expensive for people to travel to get help, we want to bring it to them where they live.  Currently, we use our mobile medical trunks and take whatever transportation is available to reach the other villages.  Sometimes, we walk or take a boat.  It is down-and-dirty, in-the-trenches work, but we love the smiles we see when we have helped in some small way to improve the physical health of others.  In addition to first aid and simple medical care, we want to start an education program.  Many diseases that are rampant in other countries are preventable with simple hygiene and healthier living.  We want to incorporate classes on diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, nutrition, and dental hygiene into our outreach to the communities.

Mobile Medical

    Taking the clinic to the people...

You and I take medical care for granted, but in many parts of the world, there are no doctors or hospitals.  First aid and simple medical care provided to those in need is extremely rewarding.  Currently, we are dependent upon local transportation which isn't very reliable.  Our goal is to purchase and outfit both a truck and a boat so we reach more people in less time.  Donations of money and medical supplies enable us and our volunteers to get help to remote areas of the world.  We are always looking for doctors, nurses, and anyone with medical training to come help us for a few weeks or even longer.