Farming:  Gardening and farming is all done with manual labor and the use of chemicals to prevent weeds and kill insects.  We would like to help people learn ways of farming that will be less labor-intensive and kinder to the environment.


and other tools of empowerment...

Education:  In many places, education is a luxury, something only the "rich" families can give their children.  We believe it is a child's right and we want to help.  We have set up a sponsorship program to further the education of children in the areas we serve.  Several of our students have gone on to universities.  Would you consider sponsoring a child?

Health:  Our community education center is completed.  We plan to start holding classes there, as well as in the villages, on healthy living, disease prevention, and dental hygiene.

Life skills:  One of the next buildings we want to build is a maintenance shop so we can take care of our own equipment, but also to teach the young people skills in automotive repair and maintenance, as well as starting a wood-working shop.

Jobs:  There is a high rate of unemployment on Rabi Island.  Jabez donated a coconut oil press to the village of Lasilasi and the women are busy pressing and refining coconut oil to sell.  We are currently planning to build chicken houses so the people can raise chickens for food and eggs, and hopefully, be able to sell eggs to supplement their meager income.

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