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Rabi Samaritan Project

Fiji Islands

The Rabi Samaritan ProjectRabi is a small island in the northeastern part of the Fiji Island group.  It is inhabited by the Banabans, a friendly, peaceful people with beautiful smiles.  There is limited access to health services on that island.  We have been given permission by the Rabi Council to develop a one acre piece of property in Lasilasi into a mission headquarters consisting of a central meeting place with kitchen and bathrooms, a medical/dental clinic and housing for volunteers.
Rabi Water Improvement Project:  Roger Lutz and some of the men from Rabi have installed sand filtration systems to improve the drinking water quality at each of the schools and several of the villages on Rabi Island.  We are hoping to prevent some of the many water-borne illnesses that make people sick every year.
Rabi TB Project:  TB testing was accomplished in 2010 as over 2500 people were tested for tuberculosis.  Currently, we are working with the Fijian Ministry of Health on treating those who are positive and educating the people on disease prevention. This will be an ongoing project. 

Please check out the 4 videos on this page.

These were filmed in 2012 during our first

annual Portland Adventist Academy mission

trip.  We'd love to have you come to Rabi!