Jabez Humanitarian Foundation

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Our staff

Roger Lutz

God has allowed me to lead and/or be part of mission and humanity relief groups to Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, South America, Africa and the South Pacific.  God has also allowed me to fill a small parenting function for kids in most of those places.  I am allowed to help each of them succeed, as they work at fulfilling God’s plan for their lives. God has given me the realization that helping these kids to succeed—is putting your most precious treasure into God’s safekeeping, and the returns are tremendous.

President of Our Foundation

Mission & Vision

The Jabez Humanitarian Foundation was formed to assist those in need of medical and dental care, clean drinking water, food, clothing, housing, and education in poverty-stricken areas of the world.

Merylin hanson

teatu rewi

randy johnson

Letila "ma" bola

Scott hanson

Come with us and be part of God's plan!


We need you and you need a mission trip!  It will change your life.  We can use anyone who really wants to make a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Recent projects

We currently serve in Fiji, Peru, and Vietnam, but will expand into other countries as we grow.  Please click below to see some of our current and past projects.