Jabez Humanitarian Foundation

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Jabez Humanitarian Foundation

Mission and service with Christ as our example

our mission:

To assist those in need of medical and dental care, clean drinking water, food, clothing, housing, and education in poverty-stricken areas of the world.

Help us serve!


Please consider sponsorship.  Many deserving youngsters would love to go beyond high school but can't due to finances.  University is just a dream for most.

clean water

Clean drinking water saves many lives every year.  We would love to be able to install sand filtration, water purifying systems in every village and school.


Imagine not having a dentist available and living with tooth pain indefinitely.  We want to provide dental care to those who need it.


Sometimes we are the only medical help these people get.  We provide first aid and simple medical care right in the villages with our mobile medical totes.

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